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Sunnyside Orthodontics is specifically designed with children and adults in mind.

We are an educational based, prevention focused Orthodontic Practice where you and your children's imagination will be embraced through our innovative approach to dentistry.

The Team

  • Dr. Sadi Kermani
    Specialist in Orthodontics, Dental Facial Orthopedics
  • Liza Valverde
    Financial Coordinator, Orthodontics
  • Wendy Valverde
    Patient Coordinator, Orthodontics
  • Genesis Ortega
    Clinical Assistant, Orthodontics
  • Rafael Grullon
    Clinical Assistant, Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Daniela Pereira
    Clinical Assistant, Orthodontics
  • Stacy Ann Morgan
    Clinical Assistant, Orthodontics
  • Shiva Kermani
    Special Operation

What Type of Braces are right for you?

We get it – finding out that you or your child needs braces can be confusing, even overwhelming. At hellosmile our team is here to guide you from the moment you see the first crooked teeth to beyond your final appointment. Braces are much less intimidating when you have a smile concierge to help you with any questions, appointments, financial arrangements, and the whole process.

  • Metal braces/Traditional braces
  • Clear Braces
  • Invisalign
Orthodontics Services
Oral hygiene, the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean in order to prevent cavities (dental caries), gum disease, and other dental disorders
Community Services
hellosmile is creating a revolutionary, exciting and more holistic way to provide oral health-- products, education, and treatment, to children from birth until adolescence.

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