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A preventive approach to children's oral health.

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Hello Parents!

Our team specializes in helping your child have a healthier and more confident smile. While we focus on prevention, we do provide the most advanced care in pediatric dental and orthodontic treatments.

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Hello Providers!

We are committed to empower clinicians and their teams to provide the best possible care for the communities they serve.

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Hello Community!

Did you know that tooth decay is the number one disease affecting children in America? At hellosmile we work hand in hand with social service agencies, schools and daycares, retailers, government bodies, medical providers, and other groups to eradicate cavities while promoting overall health and happiness.

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Hello Innovators!

hellosmile’s Innovation Lab for health and happiness was created from our desire to collaborate with health-care professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and educators. We believe that together we can transform our healthcare system from a sick-care model into a business model rooted in prevention and community wellness.

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