A hellosmile Empowered Clinic

hellosmile Practice Management, LLC

Our mission is to help empower clinicians and their teams to provide the best possible care for the communities they serve. We are continuously working to improve our patient centered approaches that are grounded in provision of optimal cost effective care that is both innovative and socially entrepreneurial .

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Our Practice Management Group is a socially entrepreneurial business that utilizes the design thinking approach and works with private, public and academic partners and affiliates to help create the best possible health care experience and outcomes for every child and family served. Our current focus is on to expand our social entrepreneurial model in pediatric dental and orthodontic services to allow cross-subsidization of services by creating brands that deliver to various socioeconomic market sectors.

The Team

  • Miriam Perez
    Administrative Director
  • Ardy Hashem
    IT Lead
  • Yasbrey Polanco
    Group Lead, Billing, Finance Compliance
  • Dr. Ali B. Attaie