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Our mission is to provide all children access to quality and affordable oral healthcare in a well designed setting.

At hellosmile we believe that all children deserve quality, affordable, and well designed health care.
We exist to help provide the best possible preventive and specialty oral health services that are integrated with the child’s overall health and wellness.
We envision a world where no child experiences tooth decay and every child is proud of their smile.

Our Approach

Our team has a holistic approach to oral health which focuses on prevention and overall health, not only treatment. Preventive dentistry is particularly important for children, whose teeth, mouth and gums are still developing. Preventing abnormal growth and cavities in children is easier, more painless and less costly than treating dental problems after they’ve fully developed. More importantly, having a healthy mouth helps children maintain better nutrition, self-esteem and overall health. We look at the “whole picture” of your child’s oral and physical health. Our preventive pediatric dental care helps prevent or provide early treatment for infant cavities, baby tooth decay and abnormal growth such as uneven spacing, misalignment and ectopic eruption.

Our Golden Rules


Our way to say hello is with a smile, eye contact, and introducing ourselves.


We treat every child as if they’re our own.


A warm goodbye, with clearly defined next steps.