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Do you believe that every child deserves a healthy smile?

Did you know that tooth decay is the number one disease affecting children in America? At hellosmile we work hand in hand with social service agencies, schools and daycares, retailers, government bodies, medical providers, and other groups to eradicate caries while promoting overall health and happiness.

Community Services
hellosmile is creating a revolutionary, exciting and more holistic way to provide oral health-- products, education, and treatment, to children from birth until adolescence.
  • Students

    All movements are spurred by the activities, beliefs, and exuberance of the youth. Students can get involved in protecting the future generation of kids. Students are the most connected to the problems and challenges communities face. By taking part in the GIVESMILE campaign they have the opportunity to gain real world experience, meet influential community leaders, and come up with game changing strategies, and generate the youthful energy needed for any movement.

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  • Businesses

    Local businesses have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of children. By participating with GIVESMILE they will be partnering with doctors, teachers, parents, school nutrition professionals and administrators to help educate kids about food and nutrition. By partnering with GIVESMILE, business owners have an opportunity to do well by doing good. The campaign will shine light on these progressive business owners who are using their influence to deliver the health messages in a fun and appealing way to the larger audience, particularly children.

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  • Religions

    Faith-based groups are well positioned to initiate and coordinate activities to encourage healthy living and well being. Trusted leaders in communities and congregations can empower families and communities to make better choices to improve the health of our nation’s children. By working with GIVESMILE they will gain access to a network of doctors and Educational material.

    Join us in our campaign to improve dental care

  • Government

    Elected officials and Government programs offer the unique ability to spur action and bring communities together in this movement. Mayors and municipal officials are encouraged to adopt a long-term, sustainable, and holistic approach to addressing the most pressing health needs of children in the communities. This movement recognizes that solving the oral health disparities can have a direct impact on obesity, diabetes, and general health. Everything begins with the mouth and nutrition. A child’s healthy smile is a foundation for great health.

    Join us in our campaign to improve dental care

  • Schools, Daycares, Head-Starts

    Principals, teachers, and parents can help make schools a healthier place to learn by getting involved in GIVESMILE’s outreach and education campaign. This will help teach children about the importance of oral health, nutrition, and embracing a healthy active lifestyle.

    Teachers sign up for to incorporate helloLEARN curriculum.

  • Medical/Dental Community

    Health care providers are poised to have a direct impact on the health of our children and make a real difference in solving the most preventable childhood diseases (Cavities).

    We offer pediatric dental care, adolescence dental care, orthodontic treatment for all ages, free tools, free resources, and educational posters to help educate parents and children on the importance of having a healthy mouth.

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