A newborn’s smile is perhaps one of the greatest gifts to humankind

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A newborn’s smile is perhaps one of the greatest gifts to humankind. The ability to smile is often magically rediscovered by grown ups upon witnessing an infant’s smile. This innocence and pure sense of joy and carefree love associated with such a seemingly simple facial expression is one of the grandest gifts we are born with.

A gift that is universally recognized and cherished by all cultures with no need for translation, one that we long for preservation for the rest of our lives. Rumi and Sufi philosophy credit the attraction we all experience to a child’s smile for its wealth of free love. It is thought that the occasional elder who’s face we are drawn to has managed to somehow keep that magical essence of love and innocence despite the cruelties of everyday life. What I like to do when I am on the subway on my regular DUMBO to Upper East side commute is to read the many faces surrounding me, from those inches away to those across the platform. It is amazing to realize that we have all been there once, as a child, an infant smiling carelessly sharing our most wonderful gift with those around us. Facing the complexities of the plethora of life events that rob us of this most beautiful treasure are the essence of what our lives are all about. As children we are vulnerable to much of what happens to us.

Children are at the mercy of their genetic, environmental, and socioeconomic risk factors and their ability to exercise their simple joy of laughter can vary a great deal based on these circumstances. As the most evolved creatures on the planet, we have come a long way towards realizing the gravity of this issue and albeit quite imperfectly, we are now closer to helping safeguard children’s smile in more ways and for more kids than ever before. Though the road is long and children left behind far too many. One does not need to go to Republic of Congo or Somalia to see this, just take the 20 minute ride from the heart of New York City on the 7 train to 108th St. in Queens or the 4/5 to Bronx’ Jerome Ave where you’ll see plenty of kids left behind. Even one child denied of this most basic right is one child too many for any society to allow. It may sound like a crazy proposition but so was Edison’s wish to bring us light with the turn of a switch. So the road is long and the room for progress abundant in our quest to give every child the best possible chance to grow old with their power of youth.



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