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Brand Identity

Creating a visual language

Objective: hellosmile worked with the LAB to create and clarify their brand. hellosmile needed a consistent design language that represented them in a clear, compelling way.

Process: The design team brainstormed and worked with hellosmile to understand the messages and missions that they wanted to convey. The LAB iterated a series of logo designs that were immediate, inviting, and playful. It was important that they were stylistically referential to youth and oral health as well as the specific communities that hellosmile serves. The logo served as the launching point for the development of the rest of hellosmile’s branding package.

Outcome: A fully realized design language was created for hellosmile. Guidelines were created around wording, tone, colors, materials, and style to be used in all future 2D and 3D design work. These guidelines have been used to create promotional materials, clinic spaces, and service models.

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