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Info Graphics

Teaching health lessons through visuals

Objective: The hellosmile dental team was searching for a way to use design to explain complex information around health and the dental experience in a simple, illustrated way.

Process: The LAB’s design team used observations of in-clinic activities and conversations with doctors to identify the information during the clinic experience that could be presented visually. This information ranged from clinic procedures, the filling out of general health forms, to messaging campaigns that conveyed educational material, and charts that show when teeth grow in. Once the various communication opportunities were identified, the design team worked to develop and test an illustration style that was youthful and universally understood. Because hellosmile’s patients do not always speak English as a first language it was important that the communication was simple and visual rather than written. All the visual material was designed using the hellosmile brand guidelines, helping it become an integrated part of the hellosmile experience.

Outcome: The LAB’s design team developed a variety of ways to help the dentists explain ideas or processes including posters, pamphlets, and forms. hellosmile’s design language was expanded to include a number of icons and layouts that can be used in the creation of additional visual materials.

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