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Service Model & Brand Experience

Creating the hellosmile Experience

Objective: As the network of hellosmile dental clinics expanded, they were looking to fully realize their brand and service model in the design of a new dental clinic.

Process: The LAB’s design team began to brainstorm and visualize all the elements that made up the hellosmile experience. The team fully developed hellosmile’s service model and used it as a way to dictate the movement and activities in the space. Each touch-point in the dental experience was identified and designed for. The spaces, objects, and interactions were prototyped at full scale, allowing designers and the hellosmile team to consider the impact and efficiency of the entire experience. The visual brand of hellosmile helped to dictate the colors and materials that filled the space. Existing language of the dentists, like the idea of the child “flying” while getting treatment, influenced the creation of the overarching concept. The dental journey begins in the lobby’s ground/garden space and as the child travels back into the clinic they take flight into the sky. hellosmile’s passport incentive program was integrated throughout the visit experience and the space. Passport pictures are taken in the tooth-booth and hung on the member’s photo wall. Consultations regarding messages on the passports and the Red, Yellow, or Green warning cards are made at the kiosks, and passports are stamped while rewards are given out at the hellosmile raffle box.

Outcome: hellosmile’s service model and brand have been fully realized in the design of their new clinics in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Jackson Heights, and Queens. The design of the space helps hellosmile’s team create a one-of-a-kind positive dental experience for children and their caregivers.

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