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Treatment Experience

Designing a new in-chair experience

Objective: With the creation of our new dental clinics in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, hellosmile wanted to use design to transform the traditional in-chair treatment experience.

Process: LAB designers began by shadowing patients, caregivers, and dentists in order to better understand the challenges and opportunities present in the treatment process. Through conversations with the hellosmile team it was identified that an overarching narrative could be used to create a new experience for the child. Designers worked to understand the visit from the child’s point of view and found narrative opportunities in the signage, spaces, and objects used in treatment. Rooms were individually themed under the overarching theme of “flying,” including a flying ship room, a cloud room, and a bird room. They were given simple, rhyming names that were easy for kids to say “zip ship,” “zoom room,” and “tweet suite.” Translucent mobiles were hung from the ceiling to emphasize the theme, fill the room with color, and distract the child during treatment. Pillows that were used to prop up the legs of smaller children were transformed into soft birds, clouds, and planes that children could touch and hug during treatment.

Outcome: The overarching narrative of a journey into the sky was used to make each treatment room and chair a unique experience. Graphics, colors, and materials are employed to distract and comfort children throughout their visit, leaving them with a positive memory of their trip to the dentist.

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