Anxious Child Visit

What to do if my child is very anxious?

hellosmile Pediatric Dental offices are designed especially for children. All members of our team receive special training to help calm anxious children during their dental appointments. Our dentists and staff enjoy working with children and ensure the child feels calm, secure, and comfortable during treatment.

How will the dentist calm my anxious child?

hellosmile pediatric dental team use different methods to help your child feel comfortable during dental treatment. They may utilize a “Tell-Show-Do” method in which the dentist names the dental instrument, shows how the instrument is used, and then applies the instrument in treatment.

For a shy child, we may use a modeling technique that pairs them with a cooperative child of the same age. Praise is the most preferred technique. As your child does something right during a dental visit, the team let’s them know that.

For older children, doctor-child communication is often enhanced if parents remain in the reception room. However, infants and younger children may feel more confident when parents are in the treatment room.



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