Parents may remember the days of metal braces with bands and wires. At our Park Slope office, those days are not entirely gone; however, there are now other options for less severe cases of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign braces provide your child with freedom that metal braces cannot match. Newer dental technology has developed orthodontic treatments where pressure is applied to the teeth in such a manner as to get movement faster and without the restrictions of metal braces. Smooth plastic aligners which fit over the teeth are used to gently force the teeth into the desired position over time.

The aligners are clear so your natural teeth are seen and usually no one even notices that the aligners are being worn. Teens love the idea of not having metal parts on their teeth. They can have their teeth straightened without the worry of being self-conscious or embarrassed. Both you and your child will appreciate being able to see what the final outcome will look like via digital technology. You will not need to imagine what that future smile will look like. You and your child will see it for yourselves as a computer generated image.

Invisible/Clear Dental Aligners

There are many advantages associated with clear aligners. In addition to the fact that they are barely visible while in use, they are easy to maintain and make oral hygiene during treatment a breeze. With traditional braces, brushing and flossing have added steps due to the bands and brackets on the teeth. With clear aligners, your child removes them to brush and floss normally.

Mealtime will be pleasant as well since there are no food restrictions with clear aligners. Merely pop them out to enjoy whatever is being served up. Your child can have popcorn and pizza with friends and whatever else the kids decide to eat.

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