When is The Right Time for Your Child to Have Their First Visit With a Pediatric Dentist?



Children don’t come with instruction manuals. Many parents joke around about the fact that a manual or guide to dental health might be beneficial to help raise their child. How do you know when your child is ready for their first visit to a pediatric dentist?

• Scheduling the First Appointment

For regular preventative care, it is best to take your child to the dentist on a regular basis. Many parents are confused about the timing of the first appointment. Some people make the assumption that their children don’t need to visit the dentist until their permanent teeth have come in. They assume that dental care is not necessary for baby teeth, since those teeth will be eventually falling out anyway. This assumption is false. Children need dental care even if they don’t have any permanent teeth yet.

To make it simple, follow this rule: if your child has teeth, then they should be visiting the dentist regularly. The first visit is often within the child’s first year of life, then regular visits should follow. As a parent, it is a good idea to maintain consistency with the schedule of these appointments. It helps your child to understand the importance of maintaining their dental health and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

• Preparing for the First Appointment

Many parents don’t realize that their child should have visited the dentist by age one. Even if the child is still within the first few years of their life, they will be old enough to understand that the dental appointment is different than anything that they have experienced. There are a few things that you can do to make the first appointment a good experience.

Start out by talking with your child about the dental visit. Share information with them so that they know what they can expect when they visit a pediatric dentist. Be sure that you are always using positive language when you are talking with them, because it will set a good tone for the appointment. If the child is young, you might also consider playing games with them to make them comfortable opening their mouth so that you can see their teeth.

In some cases, it might be beneficial to have the child visit the dental office before their first visit, because then they will know what to expect. We are happy to accommodate these needs, so feel free to stop by the office in order to take a tour before the first appointment. Once the child sees the fun environment that is found at a pediatric dental office, they will look forward to their first appointment.

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