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Corona Pediatric Dental is specifically designed with children in mind.

We are an educational based, prevention focused pediatric dental practice where your children's imagination will be embraced through our innovative approach to dentistry. Caring for your child's oral health through prevention, quality treatment and positive motivation is our top priority.

The Team

  • Jessica Gomez
    Admin Team Lead
  • Laura Villegas
    Clinical Team Lead
  • Alexandra Mera
  • Eudy Martinez
    Clinical Team Lead
  • Maryam Rezaei
  • Dr. Ali Attaie
  • Dr. Hyewon Lee
  • Dr. Mark Hermano
  • Dr. Misoo Cho
  • Mylynh Phan
    Dental Hygienist

The hellosmile “WOW” experience

The hellosmile WOW experience was born from our desire to create a revolutionary “new approach” to children’s oral health. This “new approach” puts children and families at the center of the health experience and uses design, technology, and personal connection to move away from the focus on Disease “sick care” to a broader focus on Prevention “well care.”

  • Connect with us Image
    Connect with us
  • Kid Friendly Environment Image
    Kid Friendly Environment

    Our offices are beautiful and created for children to feel safe, calm, and carefree. From watching their favorite movie during treatment, to health activities in the waiting room, and to prizes. We have strived to create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting, positive memory.

  • Incentive Program Image
    Incentive Program

    We have designed an incentive program you and your child will love. Every hellosmile member gets a smile, passport, and is encouraged to stay cavity free with prizes for parents and kids.

  • Pediatric Team Image
    Pediatric Team

    We have handpicked a pediatric dental team that is passionate about your child’s comfort and care. 

  • Teaching Conversation Image
    Teaching Conversation

    At every visit Kids get specific coaching on how to better brush their smile and are motivated to be cavity free by receiving congratulatory stickers, balloons, and special prizes.

  • Stay Connected - Stay Healthy Image
    Stay Connected - Stay Healthy

    Stay connected with us through Facebook to get special announcements or follow us on twitter for health tips. We are also on Instagram posting pics to keep you smiling.

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Welcome! Our hand picked team specializes in Pediatric Dentistry, Dentistry for children with special needs, and Preventive Services.
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hellosmile is creating a revolutionary, exciting and more holistic way to provide oral health-- products, education, and treatment, to children from birth until adolescence.

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