How do Kids Get Cavities?

3post_germs-attackGERMS’ ATTACK!

What are germs? It is certainly quite difficult for kids to understand a concept that they cannot see.

There are a few things you could do to bring the concept of the bacteria to life:

• Use a microscope to compare the size of the bacteria with other organisms
(very small insect, dust, hair)

• Or use a photograph showing large-scale microorganisms

• Or use disclosing tablets

For kids, seeing is believing.


Dental decay occurs when sugars in food are turned into acid by particular bacteria on the teeth. The acid attach can last up to 1 hour and calcium is lost from the teeth. Saliva is the mouths natural protection and can give back some calcium to the teeth- so in the very early stages, decay can be reversed. But frequent acid attacks can weaken the enamel so much that the damage is permanent and a cavity forms.

Once through the enamel to the softer dentin, the decay starts causing pain. When it reaches the pulp, it can lead to an abscess infection and even tooth loss.



3post_germs-attack4THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOD

It is particularly recommended:

• To avoid snacking in between meals.

• To avoid eating too much sugars and starches, and watch out for “hidden” sugars in savory food like crisps for instance.

• To favor a varied diet containing calcium and vitamins, which are good for teeth.




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